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7 Timeless Success Principles for Business Leaders

Strategies to a good business

Growing a successful business can be achieved with seven core principles, whether it is a small family fun business or a Fortune 500 global company.  These foundation principles stand the test of time which makes them timeless.  A successful business must have great leaders and great leaders often have these seven core principles that we will describe.

1)      Curiosity.  Strong leaders have a child-like curiosity about their life and their work.  This curiosity drives these leaders to constantly look for new ways to look at problems and insatiable knowledge to learn.

2)      Try, try, and try…even if you fail keep on trying new ways to attack problems.  You learn from experience so don’t be afraid to “take the shot.”  Also, when you fail, and you will fail, have the courage to learn from that mistake and don’t make the same mistake twice.

3)      Use your God-given senses to experience life to its fullest.  The smell of a crisp autumn night, the wonder you feel when you see Yellowstone for the first time, the amazing taste of a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade after a long hot Summer run.  When you pay attention to your senses you begin to pick up on the subtleties of life which can help you learn and grow.

4)      Embrace change and the complexities of life.  Change is life and life is change so embrace it.

5)      Learn to use your whole brain.  You are not a left or right brain thinking person, you have the ability to be a completely well-rounded person who is an artist, scientist, business person, etc.

6)      Mind-Body-Spirit.  Keep your body well fed with wholesome foods.  Get plenty of exercise and sleep and lastly have that spiritual connection.

Everything you do in life and business is somehow connected.  We are all connected in some way and having that macro view of knowing that can help you reveal new ideas to grow your business.


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