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7 marketing hacks to increase brand awareness and boost profitability in 2020

Digital Marketing 2020

If scaling your business is one of your 2020 resolutions, then you should be thinking local SEO, personalized messaging, and improved customer service. Audiences are becoming increasingly impatient and ‘very very specific’. Businesses that clearly understand customers’ evolving needs and position themselves as reliable partners will get the most bang for their marketing bucks.

Based on digital marketing trends over the last few years, the changing technology landscape, and expert opinion, here are the 7 best marketing strategies to increase your bottom-line this year.

1. Use Social Media

Social Media is an excellent way to put your products and services in front of customers – especially in 2020. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are great venues for solidifying branding, creating qualify leads, and driving sales. But to make the most out of this marketing strategy, businesses need to identify their goals, master their target audience, and pitch tent on the right social media networks. A personnel recruitment firm may be better off investing time and effort on LinkedIn than on Facebook. Figure out what platforms your audience are using, and create great content in order to attract a following. By measuring results, marketers can easily fine-tune their social campaigns to focus on what actually works.  

2. Set up automated email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a powerful and effective marketing strategy for both small and large businesses. A recent study by Street Fight Insights ranked email marketing as the third best performing channel after Social Media and Mobile Marketing. Mobile phone trends have made email inboxes portable and contributed to the resurgence of this marketing tactic. Email is also a great channel to build multi-channel campaigns, develop relations, and personalize your messaging to suit individual customer needs. Because email service providers such as MailChimp, and MailerLite are cheap and cost only around $10 per month, both small and large businesses have no excuse not to leverage this option.

According to Statista, spam messages accounted for 54.68 percent of email traffic as of late 2019. Businesses must create appealing and informative campaigns in order to truly connect with their audience. Other tips to help you make the best out of this marketing method in 2020 include customizing your blasts, grabbing your audience’s attention with great email copy, and stating a clear call to action.

3. Prioritize Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing demonstrates expertise and authority, all while helping reach customers at various stages of the funnel. To get the most out of your efforts, make sure that you are offering high value, actionable content to your audience. Focusing on the right keywords is also important to reap the most SEO benefits from your content marketing.

In 2020, voice search will become increasingly popular. Because users type search queries the same way they speak, businesses should take long-tail, specific keywords into consideration. Bullet points also increase your chances of getting better rankings from voice queries. Featured snippets will also continue to dominate search results this year. You can leverage this trend by aiming for question based search queries and keywords. Other SEO trends to inform your strategy in 2020 include video (the new king of content), and content length. Although there’s a lot of argument about the ideal length of a blog post, research most posts ranking in the top 10 results are at least 2,000 words long.

4. Personalize your messages

In 2020, digital marketers should personalized each message by digging into analytics, studying demographics, and understanding affinity categories. The idea is to dig into your prospect’s mind, discover what they fear, wish, or want, then create a highly individualized marketing message. All your contents should be direct and easily understandable to make sure that your audience receives maximum value at each interaction point.

Effective personalization depends on behavioral segmentation, or isolating audiences into groups depending on actions (e.g. abandoned cart, first time purchases, repeat purchases, and page views without conversion).

An example of this is Hybrid LTC ,a company which offers Hybrid Long-term care plans to its consumers, recently invested in the rebranding of their logo so that it would appeal more efficiently to their target market of individuals aged 40 & up. Understanding their target market and what is most visually appealing to that segmentation is the key here.

5. Incentivize your community to create content

Building an engaged online community is a challenging but crucial step to help improve your sales. Because 90% of purchase decisions are led by user-generated content, brands need to leverage their hard work by encouraging their communities to create content. The average consumer is more likely to trust a regular person than they can relate to the brand itself.

Consider ways to incentivize users to create content. This may include offering product discounts, prizes, exclusive event invitations, or just fostering a sense of community. Once users create the content, then you can share it to further enhance online engagement.

6. Use more video

Video remained a major marketing tactic in 2019. There’s no indication that is likely to change in 2020. As a visual medium, video helps foster stronger bonds with customers, helping increase the likelihood that they will purchase from your brand. Brands can focus on producing tutorials or testimonials to increase engagement and awareness.

Another option that has become mainstream for marketing purposes is an explainer video, which makes complex concepts incredibly easier to understand for customers. Because Google places a higher premium for websites that have video content, it goes without saying that this will also help your SEO efforts.

7. Update your old content

There is no underestimating the power of great content attracting and acquiring a clearly defined audience. But many businesses make the mistake of forgetting to update the content they have already published.

Google has a freshness ranking factor that it uses to detect content decay. This is the main reason why many articles that have ranked well in the past tend to be on a downward spiral. Making simple updates and tweaks, as well as changing the date of articles to show the newest version can help improve rankings.


We believe that effective marketers are proactive rather than reactive. They take initiative to take their website or brand to the next level. Are you using the strategies above in 2020? Let us know what has worked for your business, and what other marketing hacks you are implementing.

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5 Marketing Campaigns That Went Viral

Lack of adequate marketing funds is one of the leading causes of startup failure. True to that, new businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars each year promoting their products. This is money splashed on radio campaigns, online Ads, TV, and other advertising channels. But what most of these startups don’t know is that they can save a lot of money by getting a little creative. To demonstrate this, below are some 5 marketing campaigns that went viral, helping generate massive revenues for the businesses that created them.

1.      Volkswagen: The Fun Theory

The world-renowned automaker brand has some cool genius boiling up in its offices. In this marketing campaign, the company uses a series of experiments to find out if you can make people safer, more environmentally conscious, and healthier if you made a mundane activity fun. The company invited some creative minds to come up with ways of making boring stuff fun. It can be quite hard telling how a campaign like this affects sales, especially considered that the branding was so subtle. But all the same creates the impression that innovation can make lives more enjoyable, which somehow plays along with what the company does.

Regardless of the analysis behind the video, the campaign was shared widely.

2.      KLM Surprise

This is yet another fantastic example of marketing that went viral in recent times. Royal Dutch Airlines used Twitter and Foursquare check-ins to identify passengers who were waiting for their flights. The company scanned their profiles to learn more about them and later presented them with thoughtful gifts. This alone would have been good, but having a video crew recording everything while the company presented the gifts made everything fantastic. The company attracted a lot of interest from this video, simply because it used a creative marketing approach that involved making its customers happy.

3.      Old Man Spice Responses

Created by the Old Spice brand, this was a brilliant marketing antic that led to millions of views for the company. Riding on the success of an earlier campaign by Isaiah Mustafa, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, the band went on to craft one of the most memorable social media campaigns ever!

4.      Dumb Ways to Die

Marketing something boring (e.g. public transportation) can be immensely challenging. But not to Melbourne’s Metro Trains, the company behind the viral ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ marketing gig (watch it below). There were three very simple reasons why this video was so successful – it was cute, catchy, and violent.

5.      Tipp-Ex: Hunter and Bear’s Birthday Party

In 2010, a European whiteout manufacturer known as Tipp-Ex launched a YouTube channel revolving around a hunter and a bear. Viewers were able to choose their own adventure simply by inputting commands. You could specify how the hunter handled the situation. Without a doubt, this creative gig was a major hit. And the company wasn’t willing to leave it there. Within two years, they made another one. It was equally successful!

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Marketing a Startup? Check Out These 3 Guerrilla Tactics

Marketing a business through social media

If you don’t have enough money to promote your new businesses, a little bit of creativity might be all you need. Guerilla marketing is one of the few approaches that prove you don’t need money to make money. This form of marketing entails using low-cost antics to get exposure for your products and services, spending a minimum amount of resources and time. The success of any guerilla marketing campaign revolves around being able to understand the motivations behind your target audience. You want to be creative in such a way that you can leverage tools such as free media to pass enticing information out there. Below are some handy guerilla marketing tips for every business.

        I.            Master the Art of Viral Content

We all have seen it. That article gets shared tens of thousands of times. That YouTube video that gets hundreds of thousands of views within just a couple of hours. Kick-ass content has a way of finding its way through the internet. When people see something that touches their nerves, either in the form of entertainment, controversy, gossip, or just comedy, the natural instinct is to share it with their friends. There’s no magic button when it comes to creating viral content as a way to market your business. It’s all up to your creativity. Can you create some awesome videos that will spread like wildfire? Do you know what your audience is likely to share? I recently watched a video advert that was both shareable and hilarious. A wife washed her husband’s clothes with a new fabric softener. Everywhere the husband went, people saw a teddy bear, giving him hugs and touching him. Even a traffic cop stopped him and squeezed his ears. The husband really didn’t understand what was going on and had this puzzled look on his face. The fact that this was a nicely acted-out video, all the same, made it more thrilling and shareable. Think about what sharable content you can create with your business as the center-stage character. It doesn’t matter whether you publish the content on social media, your company blog, YouTube, or any other platform. It just has to be shareable!

      II.            Customer Referral Program

Customer referral programs aren’t exactly a new idea. They have been used dozens of times by scores of businesses. But if you do it well and make the offer interesting, you might end up attracting a lot of audience to your business. Think about a lottery. What makes a lottery such a big deal? The prize money. So you want to introduce some enticing prize money that will trigger people to action. Do your maths and come up with a mouth-watering proposition that will have people emailing their friends to join in on your products.

    III.            Launch a Contest

Can you launch a fascinating contest in your niche or industry? Just any event that has the potential to attract media attention will do. The most creative startups know how to attract media love and attention to their business and products. They are always looking out for opportunities to do so. Hold a charity, hold a contest, or just invite people to a local event that’s likely to attract hundreds. The idea is to come up with some form of event or contest that can get some free press from either local or mainstream media. Again, squeeze your creative juices!

If used well, guerilla marketing can be a superbly powerful tool for any new business. Do some brainstorming and see what ideas you can come up with!

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